It is often easier to not do something than it is to do it. And showing up for ballet class every week, or even twice a week, is hard. It takes consistency and discipline. And that is very hard.

We all have a deep inner desire to progress, to improve, to grow, to conquer the next challenge on our own personal horizon and it is through the aforementioned consistency and discipline that we are able to achieve, able to improve, able to reach our goals and dream new dreams.

But there is a demon lurking in the shadows, hiding in the wings of life’s stage. A weak yet very manipulative demon. The Excuse.

We all know him. We’ve all succumbed to his wiles. We’ve all used him, even abused him. He is always there, every time we start to gather our dance clothes:
I’m tired…
It’s been a long day…
I have so much to do… so many deadlines to meet…
I can’t spare the time for ballet – it is not important
It’s cold out…
I just don’t have the energy…
My child cries when I leave….
Trust me, The Excuse comes in a dozen other disguises!

Here’s the thing: for every excuse, there are at least 2 good reasons to just do it!
Ballet, as with most things in life which demand a little effort, sometimes just showing up is the biggest, most difficult part of the task.

When we do something we enjoy, even on the days it is tough, the benefits are endless! Ballet has the ability to build resilience and reduce stress through the release of endorphins. These endorphins make us feel good!

You get to spend an hour or two away from your troubles and be with people who know your name and are always glad you came!

By ignoring the trappings of The Excuse, you stand to gain something great. You might learn something new or conquer that mountain of a step thus improving your skill, your abilities and cognitive strength. At the very least, you will laugh and we all know laughter is the best medicine!

My advice when The Excuse comes calling is to have all the good reasons in your armour so that you can overcome that evil demon and do something you enjoy and which is also good for you!

See you in class!