Our story begins with Creation – the world in its most beautiful state – man, beast and nature in perfect harmony with their Creator. But then things go pear-shaped and this harmony is destroyed. Man, in his greed and desire for power over everything, slowly and steadily destroys the Earth, himself and others. His pride and hunger for more of everything lead to a crazy and frenzied state. There is war, famine, sickness and abuse until all you see is decimation. But for the believer, there is hope… So don’t look around, look up and know that the best is yet to come!

When Life Happens Show Replay

Les Danseuses Adult Ballet Studio presents ‘When Life Happens’! Enjoy a spectacular night in, cuddled up with popcorn and your loved ones as our beautiful dancers entertain you. The dancers in our studio have dedicated their time and energy to this show. For us, this show resembles our hope and special friendships – even during tough times. Our dancers are so excited to fill your evening with twirls, tutus and catchy tunes.  So, if you couldn’t attend this wonderful event, purchase the replay and watch it from the comfort of your home!