COVID-19 World Pandemic

#lockdown Day 20

Lockdown in South Africa, and I am sure in most parts of the world, has forced everyone to press the pause button on Life. I found time to do things I always put off – due to time constraints and exhaustion as well as lacking the will to do them at the end of a crazy week in my ‘normal’ life. So, during the past three weeks I have tidied and cleaned out and in doing that I have cleansed. Packing cupboards allows the mind to be free and to reflect.

I have reflected deeply on the activities of myself and the students of Les Danseuses Adult Ballet Studio. I have pondered the path of the months to come once lock down is lifted and we can again dance face to face. And whilst doing extensive research on steps I would like to focus on in the near future, I was reminded of the practical advantages of ballet – particularly for the adults in my studio.

Each of my students already have busy lives running on tight schedules but they show up – to every class – and I have listed the reasons below why I think they keep doing that:

  • A time for meditation – because in a ballet class you can think about nothing else except what your body is doing!
  • Improved mental health – ballet steps strung together gets all the wires in your brain warmed up!
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Improves posture – we can all be 5cm taller!
  • Boosts your confidence when you nail that challenging enchainment!
  • Improves flexibility and builds long lean muscles
  • Relieves stress – time out doing something you enjoy with people who make you laugh.
  • Long-lasting friendships

So, why not try it? It is never too late…