In November 2016, as the curtain fell on my first ever studio show, I vowed “Never again!” as did my husband who graciously danced his debut with me in that show. His declaration stuck – mine didn’t. And before I knew it we were in the throes of new music, new ideas and hours of choreography.

Last Saturday evening saw my second show, “The Times of Her Life”, on stage at the Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria, South Africa. And it was indeed the time of our lives!

I am of the opinion that ballet – or any dance for that matter – is an art form and needs to tell a story or comment on life in some way. Our show this year looked at the seasons in a woman’s life. We danced through scenes about making choices – life choices, the value of friendships, the struggle of love, having a career, being a mother and the challenge of letting go of things along the way and then, finally, believing we are worthy and we are phenomenal!


Some precious backstage moments





But today I want to share with you the lessons I learnt this past year in my life:

  1. If your motive is in the right place, then things fall into place. One of the biggest challenges we faced was finding a rehearsal space big enough, affordable and accessible to all the cast. And boy, were we blessed with an awesome facility at a conveniently located gym!
  2. I learned that I have a studio full of persevering, hard working and committed students who are willing to give up Saturday afternoons to repeat combinations again and again until they are fluid.
  3. I also saw friendships blossom, grow and deepen despite the odd harsh word, fatigued muscles or clash of wills. We had a common goal and the added bonus was learning we have people we can lean on.
  4. I realised that it takes a team to make a vision come to life and I had (have) a spectacular team.Each one did what was required of them to pull it all together – just as the Israelites in the book of Nehemiah: each one concentrated on building the piece of wall in front of their house and before they knew it, the wall around Jerusalem was complete.
  5. Fundamentally,at the heart of it, every woman is just a little girl who likes to dress up and dance to with child-like abandon!

And now as we take a much-needed break from class and rehearsals, I bask in the after glow of a successful evening of dance and lives being touched by our message. So for these 2 weeks you will see photos from the scenes of our Show and I will burst with pride every day because each of the cast members gave it their ALL!