I think it is a perefectly natural human reaction when a year is drawing to a close: we reflect on what is past – usually with a little regret and definitely some relief – but we also look forward in eager anticipation to what lies ahead – certain it will be better and greater and more successful!

Personally, I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions because I don’t believe in revamping myself, my body,my life every January! What I do prefer doing is determining an achievable goal or two and working towards those. Usually these include character traits like more patience or thinking before I speak – I would rather improve on who I am than throwing out the old and trying to become a whole new person. And every so often I determine a physical aspect of me that could be better.Last year I finally managed to shed some very unwanted kilo’s and feel all the better for it! There is still a kilo or 2 hanging around, but having achieved so much in 2017, I am not afraid of those last stubborn ones!

In 2018 I would like to improve my flexibility (and maybe I will need 2019 too!). So I am researching doable exercises to add to my exercise regime but I keep having to remind myself that it is a journey and not an instant gratification. I have 12 months – 365 opportunities. So, a little bit at a time!

Therefore, my question for you today is “What is your goal/challenge for 2018?” But more specifically, what is your BALLET goal for this new year? Which area holds a challenge for you? Turnout? Batterie? Maybe the ever elusive double pirouette? Perhaps just a little more stamina would change your dance class experience? What are you going to achieve by December so that you can look back and say “I did it!”?

And for the non-dance readers of this article: if improved fitness in any form is on your challenge-list, but you are not a jogger nor a cyclist and do not frequent the Virgin Actives in this world, why not try Ballet?

**Featured Image courtesy of New York City Ballet/Puma**