This is a question I often hear when I tell people that I teach adult Ballet.

Why? My response: Why Not?

Who said ballet is restricted to cute blonde 4 year olds in tiny pink leotards and pseudo-tutus?(Although I believe there is one of those inside each of us just waiting to appear when the right music plays)

Ballet has many benefits for adults – much the same as for children. Not all of us enjoy pumping iron in the gym or running mile after mile without really getting anywhere and the thrill of dashing over rough terrain on a bicycle does not appeal to the faint at heart.

Ballet is a great total body workout as well as a mental workout. Ballet tones and strengthens muscles while the music stimulates creativity.Consistent, regular training in a ballet studio will improve core strength and upper body strength whilst enhancing posture and flexibility. The cardio section of a traditional ballet class -allegro – is where fitness levels are increased and the body pushed beyond its comfort zone. The repetition of exercises improves muscle memory, exercises get easier and you can then try another new and challenging step! All the pliès, tendus, jetès and sautès will definitely trim your waist line, define muscles and soon you will be on the receiving end of many compliments about how good you look!

Life needs moments of happiness and a ballet class certainly provides some of these. Over the years I have watched friendships begin at the barre, develop through port de bras, grow in pirouettes and allegro and continue long after the music has faded. And it is the love of dance that draws these students to each other and remains a common factor for years to come.

I am also of the opinion that each of us deserves a break in our daily schedule and responsibilities to do something that puts the zest back into our lives. And for all the students at Les Danseuses ballet does just that!